Seth's Overview of Seth Material - A new Seth CD

Seth's Overview of Seth Material - A new Seth CD

My research project took an unexpected turn this year, and I am pleased to release the compact disc, Seth’s Overview of the Seth Material: From an Audiotape Made by Robert F. Butts, Jane Roberts and Seth on April 29, 1970. It includes a booklet with the previously unpublished session along with Rob’s background notes on the making of the audiotape.

Many magical moments have revolved around my research project since February 1998 when I moved to New Haven, Connecticut to work with the Jane Roberts Papers archived at Yale University Library. The background notes of my involvement in this production are not included in the CD booklet, but I want to share the adventure because without the generosity and energetic support of so many of you over the years, it would not have been possible.

On January 25, 2013 while at a Seth conference in Los Angeles, CA, I purchased a storage unit from Laurel Davies-Butts. Laurel was interested in having someone familiar with the Jane/Rob/Seth material purchase it. She believed there were some items and papers important to the collection that would have been discarded by a stranger who was unfamiliar with their historical value.

The detailed contents were unknown, but how could a treasure-hunting Seth reader, researcher and collector such as myself pass up this opportunity? Such excitement. What items could be imagined, created and found in the unit? With Laurel’s encouragement and consent, I bought it.

Before the day ended I had friends offer a van and help in retrieving the items and transporting them from Elmira to New Haven. Without their help and the cooperation of many amazing people, this CD would not have been possible. Thank you for your part in this adventure, and I trust you will enjoy listening to Rob, Jane and Seth.         - Mary Dillman