Jane Roberts was featured in the November 1970 “Inner Space, the Magazine of the Psychic and Occult.”

Raymond Van Over, the editor, wrote the Introduction for “The Seth Material” and I have included his editorial as well.  The article was co-written by Raymond and his wife, C. C. Chambers. They visited Jane and Rob in May 1970 and had a private (unpublished) session with Seth.

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ESP Class with Seth, February 23, 1971

When we follow our impulses and stay true to our ideals, magical events follow naturally. One of Jane Roberts’ class members filmed part of the February 23, 1971 class. Although many attempts were made over the years, I was unable to locate the student and the film.  Imagine my surprise to find that movie in the storage unit I purchased from Laurel Davies-Butts. It was an 8 millimeter Kodachrome film with no audio which was standard for the time. Although there was some damage, I feel very fortunate that this 4 ½ minute treasure survived and surfaced. Since no audio tape of this class exists, the session has been included. Permission was granted to include both the film and the transcript on this website.

Individuals listed in order of appearance with pseudonyms used in “Conversations With Seth.”

Seth, Valerie, Vanessa, Seth/Jane, Natalie Swing, Janice Simmonds, Bette Zahorian (in red), Florence McIntyre, Sally Benson, Mike, Ned Watkins (in striped shirt), Allison Hess, Joel Hess, William/Wally Cone, Molly Pearson, Arnold Pearson, Sue Watkins



Lists and Indexes of Sessions

List of the Seth Sessions compiled by Mary Dillman

This list gives you the date of each session, the session number, the day of the week on which it was held, and what book it can be found in. So if you want to look up a session by its date, or if you know the number of a session that contains a topic you want to read about, you can look it up that way as well. 


Index of Personal Sessions compiled by Sue Williams


Index of The Early Sessions, Books 1 through 9, compiled by Sue Williams


Index of Seth Books compiled by Sue Williams

        • How to Develop Your ESP Power
        • Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness
        • The Seth Material
        • Seth Speaks
        • The Nature of Personal Reality
        • The “Unknown” Reality - Volume 1
        • The “Unknown” Reality - Volume 2
        • The Nature of the Psyche
        • The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
        • Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment - Volume 1
        • Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment - Volume 2
        • The Magical Approach
        • The Way Toward Health


Index of Jane Roberts books compiled by Sue Williams

        • Adventures in Consciousness,
        • Psychic Politics, and
        • The God of Jane.